Special Dietary Requirements

Dietary Restrictions and Requirements
It is important that we are giving accurate information so that we can meet any individual requirements. Although we can usually accommodate last minute changes, this can be embarrassing for both the guest and for the host.
For your information, a few guidance notes are included.
Dietary requirements can be split into two groups: Religious and Medical/Health
a) Jewish: Generally there are two main groups:

Those who normally eat only plain fruit, vegetables and grilled or poached fish (no monkish).
Those who follow a traditional Jewish kitchen, in this case we have a supplier of kosher meals and they will supply the meal, cutlery, china and glasses. At no time must we touch these items, so the guest will expect o unpack his/her meal themselves.

b) Islam: In general, Muslims will not eat pork or drink alcohol and may not eat lunch during the feast or Ramadan.

c) Hindu: In general, Hindus will not eat beef for veal.

Medical /Health
a) Vegetarian: In general will not eat meat, but may eat fish. They will usually eat vegetarian cheese, eggs, butter and milk, but please check.
b) Vegan: In general will not eat any animal products including butter, cheese and milk
c) Diabetics: have to eat meals at regular intervals and may focus on diet and sugar free items, but will eat most thing.
d) Gluten Free: Not allowed to eat any cereal or grain products. It is best to ask the guest to suggest something as this can be a particularly restrictive diet.
e) Lactose Free: Not allowed any milk products.
f) Allergies: Example nuts (If you are in doubt please ask your guests)